Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lucky #7

Hard to believe that it's already March and this makes post #7. The last few weeks have been challenging from a training perspective as both my wife and I have been battling colds. Feeling somewhat better, I decided that I needed to get out for some spin time just to keep the spirits up.

As usual this week's ride consisted of 2 participants; Steve and myself. The weather was a balmy 42 degrees with no wind in the air. The trail conditions were muddy and slick as the sun rays failed to penetrate through the forest's natural defense. Some might question why even bother heading out if you know that the trail conditions are poor? I guess the best response is that a bad day of riding is still better than a good day on the couch.

Steve and I rode for about an hour and half and spent an additional 20 minutes of unplanned hiking with our bikes on our backs after some poor navigation on my part. The camera is still on the mend, and so there is no pictures this week.

On the good news front, Steve has offered up his video camera which should add some spice to future posts. There is also some ongoing discussion about resurrecting the annual Freetown big bang MTB race however more to come on that in the future. In the meantime, I just wanted to get something out to at least document last week's ride.

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Steven said...

The last post heading would have been a more aptly named one for this week, considering our mindless trek through the woods.